Open Innovation 4.0 is a public-private collaboration initiative between IDEPA, CEEI Asturias and 6 tractor companies, with interests in Asturias, for the development of an innovative program that allows the acceleration and traction to the market of young innovative companies through a process of open innovation in which they interact with other more consolidated companies to jointly face a series of technological challenges on Industry 4.0.

The programme was structured as follows:

Corporates have defined their specific challenges and an open call is opening to attract young innovative companies to offer their solutions as digital enablers. To this end, a working meeting was held with the tractor companies.

10/05/2021- Six corporates launch their challenges in the fourth Edition of the program OPEN INNOVATION 4.0

Phase 1

It started once each tractor company selected the solution it considered most appropriate, whose promoters will now participate in an Industria 4.0 acceleration program with individual and joint tutoring and financing of 2,000 euros for the preparation and definition of the tractor/enabling project.

27/07/2021 – The fourth Edition of the program Open Innovation 4.0 establised a new record of received proposals.

Phase 2

The developed viable tractor/enablement projects were eligible for a specific financing line that IDEPA called last September for the development and real implementation of these projects in the tractor companies. 5 projects led by the corporate were presented, all of which were approved with a total of 198.716,00of funding obtained.




These are the 6 leading companies participating in the IV Edition of Open Innovation 4.0 Asturias. Each of them has identified a challenge within the framework of Industry 4.0.


ENCE AND AUTECNIA:  Intelligent and visual system for control wood stock and efficiency increasing.

COGERSA AND UPINTELLIGENCE: A digital twin to improve measurement data management in inspection

CORTEVA AND IMMERSIVE PRO: Connectivity to advance digitalization and facilitate plant management

ALEASTUR AND ALAVISTA: Optimize visual and human inspection, calculate effectiveness according to standards and validation

ZITRON AND PIXELSHUB: Virtual and augmented reality for the management and control of equipment information

CAPITAL ENERGY AND NEOSENTEC: Innovation, a cornerstone for accelerating and optimizing project execution