Open Innovation 4.0 is a public-private collaboration initiative between IDEPA, CEEI Asturias and 6 tractor companies, with interests in Asturias, for the development of an innovative program that allows the acceleration and traction to the market of young innovative companies through a process of open innovation in which they interact with other more consolidated companies to jointly face a series of technological challenges on Industry 4.0.

The program was articulated as follows:

After defining the technological challenges by the leading companies, for which a work meeting was previously held with them, a call was opened for young innovative companies and/or entrepreneurs to offer solutions, such as digital enablers, to the proposed challenges.

02/04/2019 – 6 leading Asturian companies present their technological challenges in the field of industry 4.0 at the hands of the ceei

Phase 1

It started once each leading company had selected the solution it considered most appropriate, whose promoters would then participate in an Industry 4.0 acceleration program that included individual and joint tutoring, and funding of 2,000 euros for the preparation and definition of the leading/driving project. 

20/06/2019 – Young innovative companies will solve the challenges of six leading companies in the field of industry 4.0

Phase 2

The viable tractor/enabler developed projects opted for a specific open innovation financing line that IDEPA convened during the month of September 2019 for the development and actual implementation of the same in the tractor companies. Collaboration projects (tractor – startup) were presented to it, with 5 of them being approved with a total of €143,224.03 of funding obtained.


These are the 6 leading companies participating in the IV Edition of Open Innovation 4.0 Asturias. Each of them has identified a challenge within the framework of Industry 4.0.


CAFENTO AND OBJETIVO CREATIVO: Desing and development of an innovation platform in Progressive Web APP format for the management of ideas and improvement proposals

MEFASA AND THINGTRACK SL: Platform with connectivity to ERP for reading and storing data from machining machines in order to monitor the process and predict problems

SATEC AND PIXELSHUB-NEOSENTEC: Checkpoint verification system using augmented reality tools

SUAVAL AND TÁCTICA TIC: Smart measurement and construction progress control tool that facilitates agile decision-making

VODAFONE AND PYXELSHUB: CITYPAR-AUGMENTED REALITY AND SMARTCITIES, augmented reality application for its application in smartcities platforms