Open Innovation 4.0

¿What is Open Innovation 4.0?

Open Innovation 4.0 is a public-private partnership initiative between IDEPA, CEEI Asturias and 7 tractor companies, with interests in Asturias, for the development of an innovative program that allows the acceleration and traction to the market of innovative young companies through a Open innovation process in which they will interact with other more consolidated companies to cope with on a series of technological challenges on Industry 4.0.

The program is structured as follows:

– The traction companies have defined their specific challenges and so that, its open an open call to attract young innovative companies that offer their solutions as digital enablers.

– Phase 1: It will start once each tractor company select the solution that it considers more appropriate, whose promoters will participate in an acceleration program of Industry 4.0 that counts on individual and joint tutoring, and financing of 2,000 euros for the preparation and definition Of the tractor / enabler project.

– Phase 2: Developed viable tractor/enabler projects will be eligible for a specific financing line that IDEPA will call in the second half of 2017 for the real development / implementation of them in the tractor companies.


– 15/03/2017 Open session of presentation of CHALLENGES: “TECH CHALLENGES OPEN INNOVATION 4.0”. You can see it here

– 31/03/2017 – Closing of the call for the presentation of projects to face the technological challenges proposed.

– 04/2017: Communication of selected projects

– 27/04/2017 -31 / 07/2017 – Phase 1. Acceleration program and preparation of the joint project. Currently running

– 2nd Semester 2017 – PHASE 2. Project implementation and IDEPA specific call for assistance, with an estimated project execution period of 1 year

The first phase of the OPEN INNOVATION program is already underway

Phase 1. Acceleration program and preparation of the project

At the end of the call for projects in which a total of 44 young companies proposed a total of 64 solutions in the form of products, services or projects for the challenges identified in the framework of industry 4.0, the tractors finally decided to face only a challenge of the two raised being the result of their choice the following:

Tractor company: Aciturri

Startup: Pixelshub

Challenge: Improvements in the design, fabrication and assembly processes of elements of the aeronautical sector (engines) through the use of Virtual Reality

Tractor company: Alsa

Startup: ABAMobile

Challenge: Development of a regional transport information, purchasing and boarding system for customers

Tractor company: ArcelorMittal

Startups: Ingeniacity and Erle Robotics

Challenge: Solving indoor positioning of a drone/robot and the adequate surroundings perception, allowing a secure and non intrusive integration in the production processes

Tractor company: EDP

Entrepreneurs consortium: Consortium led by Bernardo Fanjul

Challenge: Develop an app that provides the user with his electriciy consumption in natural language format and suggest him opportunities to adapt his behaviour to hourly electricity prices

Tractor company: Gonvarri – Hiasa – Gonvauto

Startup: Alavista Studio

Challenge: Gonvauto tube profiling sensor

Tractor company: Química del Nalón

Startup: be One MCP Apps

Challenge: Develop a platform that allows the company to create an interactive channel of communication with its employees through its personal smartphone

Tractor company: ThyssenKrupp Elevator Innovation Center

Startup: NeoSenTec

Challenge: To improve efficiency of people transportation systems (configuration, operation and maintenance) and the training of service technicians thanks to the development of digital environments

During this first phase, the seven established tractor-startup binomials will participate in an acceleration program of Industry 4.0 that has individual and joint tutoring by CEEI Asturias and IDEPA, as well as initial funding of 2,000 euros for the preparation and definition of the solution. A series of industry experts in the field of INDUSTRY 4.0 will also be held to try to assist participants in this design phase of the solution:

– The first session which took place on April 27, 2017, included Manuel Ausaverri, Director of Strategy and Innovation of Indra and expert COTEC in Industry 4.0, was focused on the new model of innovation of INDRA and the digital economy.

First Edition of the program OPEN INNOVATION 4.0


These are the 7 participating tractors. Each of them has identified a maximum of 2 challenges within the framework of Industry 4.0 … check them out !!!
















Who is this program addressed to?

Research groups, entrepreneurs, start-ups and young innovative and/or technology based companies established after 01/01/2012 could apply by proposing their solutions in the form of products, services or projects in any of the challenges raised by the tractors .

The program was open to participants from any national and international geographical area.

Mention that there were two modalities of participation: individually either a company or individual (entrepreneur, researcher) or consortium in which one of the members acted on behalf of the rest and therefore managed the submission of the application.

The possibility of financing for the development of projects in Phase 2 of implementation – articulated through a future call for public support of IDEPA – will require, however, that the company be constituted and have a registered office or work center In Asturias.

What supports does the program offer to applicants in the case of being selected?

Phase 1:

– Access to incubation and acceleration program managed by the CEEI Asturias and with the support of the Government of the Principality through IDEPA for the design and definition of the solution.

– Incubation subsidized during the development of the project

– Financial contribution of 2,000 euros from the tractor company

– Mentors and experts in the areas of work and business

– Possibility of implantation in the tractor company of technologies, services and products developed by the company

Phase 2:

– Financing through the call for specific aid IDEPA: 2nd half 2017, with estimated project execution period of 1 year

– Implementation in a tractor company of reference of the technologies, services and products developed by the company to obtain a validation of the solution

– Possibility of accessing additional financing for the continuity of the business project

Proposals submission:

The deadline for participation in this first edition was closed on March 31 at 12.00 (CET).

For this, each applicant had to send an email for each challenge chosen to the following address: including in the subject the following reference: NAME TRACTOR / CHALLENGE No. with the following documentation:

Registration form

Explanatory report (according to the proposed index) of a maximum of 10 pages in Spanish or English

–  In the case of companies already constituted, documentation justifying the date of constitution of the same that depending on its legal form may be the CIF card, high in RETA, model 036, deed of incorporation…