Context, definition of the problem.

Vodafone (VF) is a global telecommunications company with over 570 million consumer and enterprise customers worldwide. As one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, we have access to a plethora of data that has a wide range of possible uses.

Within VF, there is Vodafone Business, our B2B business where we sell mobility, fix connectivity, unified communications, IoT and Cloud and Hosting services.

More specifically, our IoT business is connecting to our networks today more than 75m devices using our global and local SIMs. These devices are continuously generating millions of connectivity sessions and logs with very rich data related to the location of the device, the session duration, the connectivity type (data, voice, sms), amount of MB of data transferred…

Challenge definition.

Vodafone Business is looking for an ambitious and innovative start up to work with to develop a solution/proposition utilising Vodafone’s rich IoT connectivity data. The proposition will use AI or Big Data and has to have an application within Industry 4.0. IoT data has a vast variety of content, format and structure. In this initiative, we are open to generate and use any type of data.


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Vodafone´s challenge