Context, definition of the problem.

Aislamientos Suaval is a company with more than 35 years of experience, focus on the installation of industrial thermal insulation systems. Since 2013, SUAVAL has been carrying out an ambitious international expansion plan, taking its places as a the thermosolar insulation world leader currently present in active projects in more than 15 countries.

As an installation company, the SUAVAL Group needs to have precise information about the progress of our tasks while executing works at different sites or projects, a map of the situation by specific areas, and existing deviations between scheduled and actual advance.

Currently, we obtain that information using largely manual methods so that is subject to errors when measuring on-site, recording, or entering data into the database, representing a significant “investment” of time to obtain an output.

The places where we work are mainly industrial areas: new projects or plant capacity expansions, as well as indoor and outdoor conditions.

Data must be sent from the sites or facilities with connectivity problems and limited access to a stable internet connexion, with adds an another layer of difficulty in receiving the information.

Challenge definition.

Improvement of systems to capture, present, and analyze productivity at industrial facilities. The application should be based on automated process technologies, whose final objective will be to speed up decision-making.

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Suaval´s challenge