Context, definition of the problem.

The automotive sector is investing in new technology enablers, specially since the benefits it has showned for the whole value chain, from sales to production. As stated by many experts “the technology enablers helps automotive manuacturers in different phases of a product life-cycle, from design, moving to prototypes development and ending in the comercial stage”.

We belive its has a lot of potential in many areas, such as quality control through virtual twins, tracking and monitoring of productive processes, flexible and direct communication with suppliers, etc. In summary, integrating with lean-manufacturing solutions can have a great impact in the productive processes, which would translate into an improvement of personalization and flexibility of the products.

Satec, an IT integrator with 30 years of experience, is looking to expand its services portfolio into Industry 4.0 environment in order to help our industrial clients to apply new methodologies such us Lean or Six Sigma, where this tecnhology solutions are key for this process.

We are looking forward to participating in this OPEN INNOVATION program and create value together with start-ups from Asturias under a co-creation spirit, which we are sure can have tangible benefits for the industry.

Challenge definition.

1. Monitoring and visualization systems for agile decision-making in a factory environment.

2. Solutions for the integration in productive processes through the application of quality control and lean-manufacturing.

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Satec´s challenge