Context, definition of the problem.

It is essential to know the status of all equipment an it is also important to avoid stoppages and manufacturing mistakes. Every day, customers ask for a better manufacturing control, therefore taking data from the workshop is essential to give an answer to their requests.

Gathering data from every equipment would make it possible to have a better manufacturing control, also we could adapt the production strategy depending on the status of each equipment.

In our company, we can find some machining equipment like CNC boring machines, CNC milling machines or CNC lathes. We also have some robotic welding systems, submerge arc welding, welding machines, hydraulic press brakes, bending rolls and ther machines needed for the production.

MEFASA wants to register the use of each machine and then analyze it. With this data we want to have performance indicators and predict any problem in the medium-long term.

Challenge definition.

Develop an information system that gathers, stores and processes data from each machine with the aim of making an analysis of this data to follow the process and predict problems. It has to be connected with our ERP.

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Mefasa´s challenge