Context, definition of the problem.

The industry, service companies, construction and even SMEs have the same generic cost saving challenge, for which they resort to the outsourcing of complete business processes and their associated tools.

GAM was born as a machinery rental company, but has evolved towards a company of integral solutions for all customers that require service and not just machines; those that require the expertise of the manufacturer and not just an operator that knows about engines; those that require certifications from their operators to guarantee the quality of their processes and a company that adequately trains them; those that require monitoring of their volumes or installations through drones with certified and trained pilots, and information systems for complex calculations and reports.

For these purposes GAM has corporate information systems that generate a huge amount of data and analyze all this data in an accumulated way to take business decisions.

In order to evolve towards predictive decisions based on what has already happened and the conditions in which it occurred, GAM needs an AI that analyses the data, trains with its past to predict what will happen in the future and allows us to even advance, for example, to the breakdowns of our machines or to a possible drop in turnover of a business line.

Challenge definition.

Get an AI of data analysis, that learn from SAP historic data available (workshop, contracts, logistics…) to make predictions that allow GAM anticipate strategic and operational decisions.

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GAM´s challenge