Context, definition of the problem.

Traditionally, the innovation process in a company such as Cafento is formed through an “innovation tunnel” where ideas advance as long as they manage to pass through the phases of the tunnel.

In this tunnel we set minimum requirements and thresholds that must be reached in order to continue advancing in the process.

An idea arises from any source or inspiration; then it is evaluated, prioritized, defined, executed and finally followed up.

The problem arises from the manual nature of this process which makes it complex and tedious to involve the different departments of the company.

The opportunity arises to be able to take the innovation process to all departments and that not only Marketing is its promoter but any person or collaborator, at the same time the technology must also give us an order and stability to the process and set some mechanisms of evaluation of this innovation marked and defined by the Management but that the process can be executed with technological help.

Challenge definition.

To develop a platform that allows the Company to channel the process related to innovation, with phases that are approved if certain items are fulfilled and that this allows to continue moving forward with the process.

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Cafento´s challenge