I want to be Industry 4.0

Companies that are interested in forming part of Industry 4.0 have different entities available to them that can promote their projects. Depending on their profile they may be a better fit with one organization or another. In addition to PRODINTEC Foundation, the CTIC Foundation, the Network of SAT Centers or the MetaIndustry4 cluster, all of which are entities with broad experience, IDEPA offers economic support, and the CEEI manages the Accelerator 4.0 and the program Open Innovation 4.0. Development of successful 4.0 applications will go hand in hand with collaboration between the different players.

For the Government of the Principality of Asturias, Industry 4.0 is an aspect essential for the region’s future. Proof of this is the weight that it has in the Regional Strategy for Smart Specialization, Asturias RIS3, whose top-priority fields are “New models for production” and “Technologies for networks” as two relevant factors in regaining leadership in industry.

Each year IDEPA, which is under the auspices of the Regional Department of Employment, Industry and Tourism, offers different aid programs related with Industry 4.0, which are available to the industrial sector in Asturias. A wide range of non-repayable subsidy programs are available to Asturian industry; these are related with Industry 4.0 and included in the Regional Strategy for Smart Specialization, Asturias RIS3, in the fields of “New models for production” and “Technologies for networks”.

If you are interested in obtaining a non-repayable subsidy to carry out R+D and innovation projects related with Industry 4.0 in Asturias, you can opt for different aid programs.