The Economic Development Agency of the Principality of Asturias (IDEPA), under the auspices of the Regional Department of Employment, Industry and Tourism, is the regional organization entrusted with the business promotion and revitalization of Industry 4.0 in Asturias.

The entity administers different subsidy programs directed at entrepreneurship and fostering innovation, internationalization and investment in Asturian companies. Moreover, IDEPA has as an affiliate Incubator I4.0, the center that will serve to explore and create business opportunities based on new technologies that will serve as a launch pad for development of initiatives within the scope of this new paradigm.



The European Business and Innovation Centre of Asturias (CEEI), an entity belonging to the IDEPA Group, acts as an incubator for the creation of technological businesses. The CEEI Asturias is the main regional player in the revitalization of the entrepreneurial and innovative culture by fostering R+D and innovation and business diversification.

At the same time, it researches and develops innovative business activities that create employment, and it organizes, manages and promotes specific novel programs of support, dissemination and consulting for businesses.



The Network of Centers for Technological Accompaniment and Innovation for Economic Development in Asturias, known as Network of SAT Centers, strives to support SME’s, self-employer workers and entrepreneurs in Asturias in their process of digital transformation by providing them with the knowledge necessary for this purpose, and supporting them in the selection and implementation of the technological tools that could contribute to improve each and every one of their business processes (management, communications, marketing, manufacturing…), in order to work in a more efficient and competitive manner.

The Network of SAT Centers, managed by CTIC Technology Center and financed by IDEPA, consists of 10 centers distributed throughout Asturias and housed in the same number of Business Centers, which give coverage to the entire geographical region of Asturias. Each year they serve more than 2,000 different SME’s.



CTIC is a Technological Center whose goal is to contribute to making Asturian companies more competitive by assisting them in innovation through the search for technological solutions to the problems/needs of businesses and of society.

CTIC’s team is committed to research, and is made up of talented, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, active, creative persons, with ideas and ability and willingness to learn collaboratively in working groups.



PRODINTEC is a technological center specializing in industrial design and production, which since its founding in 2004 has had as its goal promoting competitiveness of industrial companies by applying innovative technologies and methods to their products, their manufacturing processes and their management processes.

PRODINTEC is a non-profit, private entity, created at the initiative of group of Asturian companies and by the regional Government, and it forms part of the network of Technological Centers of the Principality of Asturias.



ASINCAR is an agrifood technological center with ample experience in the optimization of production processes and in product development in the agrifood industry. Its proactive R+D project development consulting have enabled it to become acquainted with the special features of the agrifood sector in Asturias and develop a strategy for evolution towards an Industry 4.0 that addresses the sector’s needs with special attention to sensors systems and data analysis during the production process, in order to increase the efficiency of the processes, enhance productivity and continue to guarantee food safety and product quality.



The University of Oviedo is the public institution for higher education and research of the Principality of Asturias. With more than 400 years of history, it offers a complete array of bachelor’s degrees adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) in all branches of knowledge, of bilingual degree programs, double degree programs with international universities and inter-university graduate degrees, as well as collaborations with more than 250 companies.

The University of Oviedo conducts 80% of R+D and innovation in Asturias, and it is well endowed with cutting-edge services and equipment to enable the transfer of knowledge to the production sector. The income derived from scientific production totals roughly 40 million euros annually, and the University has concluded more than 500 contracts and agreements with companies to conduct research projects.