In keeping with the philosophy and policy of its founders, the company advances once again by integrating the most innovative technologies, such as the manufacture of metallic pieces with complex and/or customized geometry using 3D printing techniques by laser fusion called “Additive Manufacturing”

Its first focus within this new area is the manufacture of biomedical products, which enables it to take advantage of the high added value that this type of manufacturing has for the health care sector. Here in sections as important as “rapid prototyping,” “rapid manufacturing” and “rapid tooling,” a further step it taken with the aid of internationally recognized centers such as the Valencia Biomechanics Institute (IBV); Cinn-CSIC or Prodintec in Asturias.  An example of this is the current collaboration with the IBV, where studies are being conducted of new products for the biomedical sector made of material that has innovative osteoporotic structures that enable better integration into the bone.  This design of implant reduces the risk of rejection while at the same time featuring a surgical design that facilitates implantation. Moreover it has lighter-weight structures with surface roughness that increases the fixation to the bone element thus reducing the damage to the patient’s bone structure.

VEROT, S.A., is a family-owned company founded in 1990 that offers services of comprehensive processing of metals. We possess technologies for primary processing, by laser CO2 cutting in 2D, 3D and pipe laser, water jet cutting, high-definition plasma cutting and cold cutting by punching. We also offer turnkey services of comprehensive metal processing with specific centers over 9000 m2 where we perform mechanical welding of units both for heavy boilers and lightweight boilers. We also do additive manufacturing in metal, where we are a leading presence in sectors such as renewable energies, biomedical, automobile, machine manufacture, nuclear, railway, aeronautics, security and defense, military and agriculture.