The project is based on real-time capture of on-site data. These data are captured through human-machine interaction using touchscreens (elimination of paper) and also by sensors and direct actions on the machine’s PLC’s. This large-scale recording and storage of data in digital format is processed by CAPTOR (MES manufacturing execution system) in order to be able to generate different KPI’s, calculate OEE values for machines or tracking of processes, for the purpose of analyzing and having objective data for accurate decision-making by the company’s senior management and its middle management. Decisions regarding investments, product traceability, sales and stock strategies, and product life cycles. It is a project adapted to any size of company and sector.

Cafés Toscaf is a family-owned company that was founded in Pravia in 1954 as a small coffee roaster with shop. With effort, work, perseverance and thanks to a fine professional team, over the course of the years it has grown to be what it is today without losing its identity: a medium-sized company, with presence throughout Spain, that is taking its first steps in Europe and North Africa.

They are leaders in quality. They like coffee, they take care of coffee, and they work each day so that the consumer need only enjoy it. For that purpose, they commit to marketing coffees from ecological farming, from fair trade, guaranteeing their good work by ISO 9001 and the IFS.