About Us

The Economic Development Agency of the Principality of Asturias, under the auspices of the Regional Department of Employment, Industry and Tourism, is the main body of the regional Government to foster economic growth and create employment by supporting entrepreneurs and companies.

The Regional Strategy for Smart Specialization, Asturias RIS3, approved in 2014, showcases the strengths and opportunities in the Principality and sets a series of priorities to address in order to improve the business fabric and recover industrial leadership. These include “New models of production” and “Technology for networks,” which bring about the implementation and development of Industry 4.0.

IDEPA, together with the European Business and Innovation Centre, is the organization promoting and structuring this fourth industrial revolution, with the support of the University of Oviedo and the regional network of technological centers and centers supporting Industry 4.0, which includes the Prodintec Foundation, the CTIC Foundation and the Network of SAT Centers that CTIC administers, the MetaIndustry4 cluster, the ICT Cluster, the Innovative Knowledge Business Group of Asturias, or the Asturian Federation of Entrepreneurs (FADE), fostering its implementation among Asturian companies.

This website was created with a collaborative spirit, so that Asturian companies would be able to find in one place all relevant information on the players of the innovative ecosystem and industrial technological development in Asturias. It was intended as a meeting place, open to the society, where alliances can be forged and projects related with Industry 4.0 could be exhibited.

The Industry 4.0 Program in Asturias will feature an Advisory Board entrusted with the task of setting the guidelines, analyzing trends and carrying out complete tracking of the actions that are taken.